What Makes the Law Office of Lael K. Brown The Right Law Office for You?


Reasonable rates including flat fee options and no surprise bills

Unfortunately, attorneys, like plumbers, often have a reputation for gouging their clients. Hourly billing is the standard practice even though this method of billing has been criticized widely across the industry. The fact that associates at most law firms are given billing quotas that they must meet to keep their jobs demonstrates the conflict between honest representation and pressure to meet a quota. The associate at a typical law firm is much more interested in keeping his or her job than in saving the client money. At the Law Office of Lael K. Brown, we are able to charge very reasonable rates by keeping our overhead costs low. In addition, we give our clients an initial good faith estimate of the costs associated with the legal action they want to take and offer alternative flat fee options for a variety of services.

Open and frequent communication with the client

Open communication between an attorney and her client is critical to ensuring good representation. However attorneys are notorious for failing to return their client’s phone calls. In fact, the complaint most often lodged with the State Bar involves attorneys failing to return their clients’ phone calls. At the Law Office of Lael K. Brown, maintaining clear and frequent communication with our clients is a top priority and we strive to return all client inquiries in a timely manner.

Flexible levels of representation

In this day and age there are many people in need of legal assistance who do not necessarily need full representation. With today’s “plugged in” society many people are able to access the information they need and take on legal issues with only limited assistance from an attorney. At the Law Office of Lael K. Brown we take the view that each client has different requirements in terms of the level of representation they need. While one client may want to have a go at representing himself in court and only need occasional legal advice, another client may want to have as little involvement as possible with the legal process and therefore require full representation. The Law Office of Lael K. Brown has the flexibility to work with the different clients and provide the level of service based on the client’s needs.

Detail oriented service

Ms. Brown has seen first hand the problems that arise when attorneys take on representation of too many clients. Regardless of how much experience an attorney has or how familiar he/she is with the law, an attorney who has so many clients that he or she cannot keep the facts of your case straight or who cannot recall key information regarding your matter, cannot be effective in representing you. By limiting the number of clients we take on, the Law Office of Lael K. Brown can ensure effective representation of all of our clients.